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Owen Badham
Owen Badham

Senior Product Education Manager

Individual Contributor

Product Marketing, Presentation Skills, Value Selling, Storytelling, Relationship Building, Communication, Project Management, Video Production




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Innovation and Marketing




What do I want you to know about me?

I’m amiable, personable and Iike to get to know people - from their personal as well as professional background.

I like to encourage people to feel comfortable and confident to explore new ideas, take risks, go for opportunities and learn from their actions. In my opinion, it’s the best way to grow!

I believe with nearly 3 years at Similarweb under my belt as a Product Marketer, working across multiple departments and having the responsibility for driving and delivering many complex communication projects - I have plenty of experiences to share.

As well as having 15+ years in SaaS and tech businesses of various sizes, in Product Marketing & Client Success roles, I have numerous stories on celebrated successes & messy failures, and every day learnings on how to communicate and engage with different types of audiences that I believe are valuable to share and pass on.

What will the sessions look like?

The focus of my sessions will be agreed on between myself and the Mentee, whether it’s practical, theoretical, business acumen or otherwise - we can decide the areas for development and discussion and then work towards these together during in-person meetings as well as outside of our regular sessions.
I believe the mentee will receive real honest stories that they can practically apply in their every day role at Similarweb - where they can actively work towards and visualise the progression in the areas they wish to address and improve on.

As a mentee, you will commit to:

Want you to know:
- How I can help them progress;
- How I can help them learn to evolve within their existing role, another role at Similarweb or in their career;
- That I can provide them with guidance on my specific areas of expertise.

Want you to feel:
- Empowered to reach out;
- Confident that I can help them reach those progression goals;
- Feel like I'm the right fit for them as a mentor and compelled to choose me as their mentor;

Want you to do:
- Connect with me and ask questions directly;
- Be proactive as a mentee;
- Feel empowered

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