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Nachshon Ben
Nachshon Ben

Senior UX Researcher

Individual Contributor

User Experience, Design Thinking, Service Design, Journalism




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Tel Aviv


What do I want you to know about me?

I love people and communication, and have spent my career telling other’s stories and building products that reflect what users actually need and want. Whether it’s advocating for users or implementing UX and UI practices, I always focus on learning through failing, collaborating, and skill sharing to get the job done, and then some.

I was a journalist in product for many years, focused on human-tech interaction (designing, writing, and researching people, screens, accessibility, and localization). I’ve spent the past five years pioneering UX/UI writing and research into the startup and hi tech sectors, and completed my MA in Human-Computer Interaction, focusing my research on human-robot interaction and bringing design thinking into Israel product and design teams.

What will the sessions look like?

We’ll spend most of our time mapping out what has worked, what hasn’t, and find specific areas where you want to grow. I believe in learning through experience-that includes failing, prototyping, feedback, and testing things out, repetitively. I will do my best to assist and guide where possible, and/or find you the people or tools where I cannot. Let’s learn together!

As a mentee, you will commit to:

Empathy. Being there. Being a connector or finding the answers or support where I can’t. Checking in on your processes and progress. Tons of laughs, discovery, and resources for your self-learning!

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