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Mila Boiman
Mila Boiman

Director of Product

People Manager

Product Knowledge, People Management, Data Analysis and Visualization, Customer Management




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Tel Aviv


What do I want you to know about me?

Over a decade of experience in breaking down business questions into data collection, processing, visualization, and analysis requirements, managing accounts and clients’ expectations, and building and managing teams in different capacities and companies.
Passionate about people, processes, and problem-solving. A strong believer in the intersection of personal relationships and business acumen as the key to success.
Having mentored men and women in different stages of their careers, and on different professional and personal questions, I believe I will be a great mentor for people who are looking for a new perspective, an actionable approach, and support on making or executing decisions.

What will the sessions look like?

Sessions will be customized to the mentee’s needs and expectations.
My aspiration is to drive value through each session. Mentees will get assignments, to be able to put the theory into practice and make progress, between and within the sessions.
My goal is not to solve the mentee’s dilemma, problem, or gap – but rather – together – understand the reasons behind these to equip him/her with the tools, questions, and methods that would allow them to address these and future ones, on their own

As a mentee, you will commit to:

As a mentee I know what is the gap, problem, or issues I have, I came to the mentoring process to solve.
I believe that this process may help me, and I trust the mentor to be able to lead me through a way that would get me closer to where I am aiming to be at.
I am committed to an ongoing process, and I understand that this is one where my engagement is required not only during the sessions but also in between them.

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