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Leigh Shaniv
Leigh Shaniv

TM, Data Foundation

People Manager

Data Engineering, Software Architecture, Clean Code, System Design & Development




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Tel Aviv


What do I want you to know about me?

My experience includes designing and architecting backend systems and services, as well as data pipelines. It is my passion to write clean code and follow best practices, and as a tech-savvy person, I keep up with tech trends and developments frequently. Additionally, I have tutored a number of entry-level software developers, and loved every minute of it.

What will the sessions look like?

As a mentee, you will gain a greater understanding of the data engineering tools and technologies commonly used. We will learn how to create data pipelines and operations using the best practices. The mentorship process will prepare you to handle big data, build scalable pipelines, and handle problems that may arise.

As a mentee, you will commit to:

The mentee should be willing to invest in self-learning between sessions and share their challenges and difficulties, as well as their thoughts and questions.

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