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Kyle Tuppa
Kyle Tuppa

TM, Sales Development

People Manager

Communication, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Time Management, Change Management, Career Development, Sales Management




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What do I want you to know about me?

History of successful outbounding, as well as managing & coaching high-performing individual contributors. I have been promoted from an entry-level role into leadership so a good resource to discuss career pathing. As someone who has managed 10 direct reports time management is crucial to my role so I’m happy to share best practices and tactical advice. I am passionate about developing people, and have honed the skillset of seeing the potential in people and helping them to bring out the best in themselves. In my career there has been a lot of change within other companies as well as Similarweb (lay-offs, hybrid policy changes, role responsibility shifts). I am very direct & candid and will want my mentees to be the same.

What will the sessions look like?

I will provide tactical advice based on what the mentee is looking to get out of these sessions 6 months down the road and I will provide the fresh perspective of someone they don’t interact with regularly based on my areas of experience above
In these 6 months, we will accomplish a few of your goals together and you will receive the results and satisfaction of doing so. We will begin to pave the road to get you where you want to be 12 months in the future and beyond.

As a mentee, you will commit to:

I want to know how you want to be coached and what I need to know about you to be the best and most effective mentor possible. What are you looking to get out of these sessions? What are 15 goals you have for the next 12 months (professionally, personally, financially, social, health, etc.)?
I ask my mentees to come to our sessions prepared with an agenda and questions so we get the most out of both of our time. I will give action items at the end of every session, with the expectation that they will be completed timely for our next meeting.
Be direct and candid in your communication and feedback
Be selfish about your goals and what you want to get out these sessions and our relationship.

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