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Jamie Wang
Jamie Wang

AVP of Account Management

People Manager

Account Management, Customer Management




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New York


What do I want you to know about me?

I joined Similarweb in Feb 2018 and have led teams of up to 20 across Customer Success, Strategic Consulting, Enterprise+Strategic Account Management as well as Agency and Investor Clients. Prior to Similarweb, I led Customer Success, Technical Account Management, and Support at a company called Wiser (Acquired) and previously built my own Startup, an Ed-Tech company (acquired).

What will the sessions look like?

If you are in a customer-facing Individual Contributor role, we can spend time assessing your prioritization, time management, selling techniques, deal planning, and industry knowledge. We can cover one topic in each session. If you are a manager within Go to Market we can do work sessions on People Management, Recruiting/Hiring, Systems/Processes, Forecasting, and I can help give guidance to drive deals forward. If you work in another division, I believe that we can still discuss your key projects and how to effectively hit deadlines and meet results. I may also have individuals in my networks at Similarweb or other companies that can provide guidance and share best practices. I can help explain how Similarweb is structured and some recommendations to grow within the business.

As a mentee, you will commit to:

Come to scheduled meetings with agenda items and questions (best if shared in advance.) Actions taken on the items discussed. If I provide recommendations, do not take them as the whole truth. Be willing to push back on why the advice will or won’t work for you, given your unique circumstance.

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