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Gabrielle Elfassy
Gabrielle Elfassy

Product Manager

Individual Contributor

Product Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Career Development, Communication, Creativity, Strategic Thinking, Leadership



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Tel Aviv


What do I want you to know about me?

I have a very diverse background starting from medical studies, to getting my MBA with a focus in tech and innovation, all the way to working in small companies to large corporations such as Morgan Stanley, Tom Ford, Cornerstone and now Similarweb :)
I am extremely passionate about product management, empathizing with people, and truly understanding their needs deeply to solve the right problems.
I feel I am someone who always aims to go above and beyond whether for my team, colleagues, friends, family (and I will do the same for you!) If you are interested in getting into product management and don’t know how, learning more about the field, or even just for someone to provide general guidance, a new perspective or ideas - feel free to reach out, I am here for you!

What will the sessions look like?

Mentorship sessions will be personalized to what works best for you. Want resources to read? Prefer to meet in the kitchen to casually chat and have a coffee? Want to work with me for a day to really feel the experience?
My goal is that you will get what you need out of these sessions in a way that makes you truly feel supported, empowered and that you really got what you need on your growth journey. Of course, these sessions are fully free of judgment and should be an open trusting environment.

As a mentee, you will commit to:

All I ask is to just be yourself, be honest and don’t be afraid to tell me if something is not working for you in the sessions so we can make changes to fit to best help you succeed.

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