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Diana Golovko
Diana Golovko

TM, Partnerships

Individual Contributor

Account Management, Problem Solving, Relationship Building




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What do I want you to know about me?

I studied art, been a financial journalist, analyst, Account Management and finally move to become a Partnerhip Manager where I try to use everything I learned throughout the years and experience. I have approx. 6 years of experience in Global Account Management – working with corporate clients and investors clients. I have consistent track record of high retention rates, growing accounts and finding new, creative ways gaining success. I also have experience in analysis and report writing which allows me to look also at our data from various perspectives and try and find new and interesting use cases for our clients. Previously I worked at Kantar media as analyst and then Account Manager where I created 2 new research products for Channel 4 and BBC and Nationwide. In 2021 I moved into Partnerships team and started supporting the building of our referral partnerhisp motion. Creative thinking and Problem solving have always been key in all my roles.

What will the sessions look like?

As a mentee, you will get a broader understanding of account management or other GTM role – what are the biggest struggles, how to gain success with various personas, how to deal with pressure when not hitting the KPIs and how to turn that around, how to find expansion opportunities and grow your accounts, how to build long-term relationships with your clients. By the end of the mentorship process, you will have the knowledge of securing success with any clients you work with not only as an account manager but also SIM, CSE, Sales or any other role where you contribute to customer success (not necessarily directly customer facing)

As a mentee, you will commit to:

The process will require having an ongoing dialog, feedback from both sides – if you are trying some of the techniques I am using – what is working and what isn’t and how we can make them your own. I believe that each of us have are own unique approach and mentoring is more of a process of finding your own voice.

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