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Christopher Munekaw
Christopher Munekaw

Principal Account Manager, Strategic

Individual Contributor

Account Management, Product Knowledge, Customer Management




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San Francisco


What do I want you to know about me?

I’ve had 10 years’ experience in a sales or Account Management role. I started my career doing new business sales, but realized that my passion was more in helping new accounts grow and develop as opposed to just the initial sale. I would love to help you grow at Similarweb and in your personal life as well.

What will the sessions look like?

As a mentee, you will get a broader understanding of the role of an Account Manager, how to tell stories with data, what to look for in finding a strong insight, and how to navigate the internal aspects of the company (how to work with other teams/divisions). Ultimately, you will learn best practices within Similarweb through this mentorship.

As a mentee, you will commit to:

Engaging dialogue and a desire to learn more about how to be a strong Account Manager. What do you hope to learn from the mentorship? You create your own path of what you would like to learn from a mentorship program.

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