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Ayala Qiao Sklyar
Ayala Qiao Sklyar

Account Manager, Inside

Individual Contributor

Communication, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, China SDR Process, China Market Ecosystem




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Tel Aviv


What do I want you to know about me?

community manager in App start-up & SDR in SW
bridging the communication for all different personas:
7Y news correspondent [IL news to Chinese audience on TV]
10Y tour guide [biz/gov/pilgrims],
interpreter (police)
mindfulness practitioner
Mentor for:
working process for SDR in general and for Great China market specific.
understand the Chinese market and communication with the Chinese audience
Presentation skills in general

What will the sessions look like?

We’ll focus on you, what you currently do, and where any bottlenecks exist.

For those who want to understand the Chinese market, I’ll guide you to get a broader understanding of the ecosystem of the Great China market, who are the target audience and where to find them, and I’ll be happy to share my resources.

For SDRs, I want to understand what is the area you want to be mentored in, and I can share my best practices from overwhelmed to the best performer in my previous role.

Experience will be tailored to the mentee’s goals. My end goal is to help my mentees achieve their goals by tracking our progress and setting clear expectations and direction

As a mentee, you will commit to:

This process will require the mentee to invest in themselves by practicing the processes and methods we discuss, reflecting on what is and isn’t working, and maintaining an open mind about how to improve themselves and their competency in the roles

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