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Adi Davidov
Adi Davidov

Sales Manager, OEM

People Manager

Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Data Visualization, Storytelling




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Tel Aviv


What do I want you to know about me?

17 years of a professional athlete career – Swimming – leadership, mentality, and self-motivation skills.
3 years of sales funnel optimization, actionable data analysis skills.
2 years of team management.
Passionate about Sales funnel optimization, how can we impact, improve and optimize an existing motion via using data skills to tell the story.
A big fan of target setting and developing plans in order to reach those targets while advising the plan as we go. Both Personal and Professional life.
I believe I will be a good mentor because I have the relevant experiences and skills to give a good piece of advice and more importantly, put a smile on the face of everyone:) Cause Happiness and Success is the formula for life. Not the opposite

What will the sessions look like?

Invidudaly sessions only.
Starting by setting up clear goals of what each mentee will be looking to achieve from the process to be able to evaluate as we go.
All details will remain confidential and will be shared! Would like all my mentees to feel as comfortable as possible to share sensitive details about themselves – that way we will be able to achieve the maximum when the full story is shared

As a mentee, you will commit to:

I commit to full transparency, be there on time, share personal experiences, and be fully attentive to each and everyone’s needs.
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